Minority Opportunities in Biomedical Research Programs

Program Activities

The MARC U*STAR program at Florida International offers our trainees unique opportunities including:

  • Research with faculty on-campus
  • Summer research internships
  • Publication of their research findings in scientific journals
  • Public speaking opportunities, including local and national forums for scientific research presentations
  • Preparation for graduate school or post-baccalaureate programs


Annual Workshops & Events

  • Orientation to the FIU MARC U*STAR Program and Faculty/Labs
  • Preparing for Graduate School
    • Info sessions with various representatives from grad programs across the nation  
  • Study Skills and Resources
  • Preparing Scientific Presentations
  • Data Bases & Library Searches
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Lab Safety Workshops
    • EPA: Hazardous Waste Handling
    • Laboratory Hazard Awareness
    • HazCom: In Sync with GHS
    • Fire Safety
    • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Scientific Concept Mapping
  • Communications Skills Workshop


Presentation Opportunities

  • Biomedical Mini Symposium (fall)
  • Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (fall)
  • Biomedical & Comparative Immunology Symposium (spring)
  • McNair Scholars Conference (fall)
  • The Honors College Undergraduate Research Conference (spring)
  • And many more conferences…


Other Activities

  • Monthly meeting w/ fellows and Program Director and Coordinator
  • Letter to a non-science friend or family member describing her/his research
  • Honors Thesis
    • Trainees prepare an honors thesis on their on-campus research. The thesis is prepared during the second semester of the senior year.  
  • Kick-Off and Term-End Informal Gatherings
  • Continuous biomedical laboratory research with mentor


Full Participation in Research

The major student research training effort takes place at designated laboratories. MARC U*STAR Fellows are trained in laboratory techniques, data collection and analysis, as well as in literature searches. MARC U*STAR Fellows give an oral presentation at the annual FIU MBRS Mini-Symposium and are involved in all phases of the research process.

Departmental Seminar Series

Scientific seminars increase MARC U*STAR Fellows' exposure to biomedical research. These seminars include the departmental series in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry, etc. as well as the seminars sponsored, for example, by the MARC U*STAR Program, MBRS Program, FIU Biomedical Engineering Program, and the FIU Comparative Immunology Group.

Academic Advisement

  • Aside from the advising provided by the MARC U*STAR Fellows' home department, the MARC U*STAR Program will provide advising, informally by the faculty mentor and other members of the lab and formally by the MARC U*STAR Program Director.