Minority Opportunities in Biomedical Research Programs

MARC U*STAR Program Description

FIU's MARC U*STAR program specifically targets those rising juniors who have indicated an interest in Biomedical or Behavioral Sciences research and a determination to pursue a PhD.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be able to commit two (2) years to the program
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.30 or better
  • Be enrolled full-time at FIU
  • Have a strong preference in pursuing a Ph.D.

To meet its goal of encouraging underrepresented groups (URG) to continue on to
successful biomedical or behavioral science research careers, FIU's MARC U*STAR
program provides a focused initiative that motivates promising students to choose a
biomedical or behavioral science career. This goal is important because many students
do not know what biomedical research really is or how exciting and rewarding it can be.
Participants will be in environments and exposed to information that will help demystify biomedical and behavioral science research. The final critical issue is to insure that the motivated student with potential is given the necessary tools and skills to be competitive and the opportunity to succeed. The academic and research components of FIU's MARC U*STAR program provide these tools and skills. The MARC U*STAR Program at FIU will help excellent URG continue on to successful careers in biomedical or behavioral sciences research.

Impact of FIU's MARC U*STAR Program on Preparedness and Research Training in the Sciences

The FIU MARC U*STAR Program provides involvement in activities that contribute to developing a culture of inquiry and to exploring ideas in science and technology. The program provides access to personal mentoring and increased exposure to good biomedical science and the thrill of research. In essence, FIU's MARC U*STAR Program presents the promising URG with a career option in biomedical research that they may never have otherwise considered. In addition, these students are provided with the skills and guidance that allow them to be successful in biomedical research.


By being in active research labs, MARC U*STAR fellows will have access to a source of information and assistance from faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students who they work with. Training sessions and research experience will reinforce class work and in turn contribute to better academic standings. A culture of science and a community of support can be expected to develop among MARC U*STAR fellows, their peers, and mentors, creating long-term support and collaboration networks. All of these factors make the FIU MARC U*STAR fellow an outstanding candidate for acceptance into any top graduate program.